Welcome to our house, our hotel located in Ordino


We are two brothers born and raised in Andorra, proud of our country, our culture and our traditions.

After more than ten years dealing with the family business, at the end of 2017 we decided to give another approach to our hotel, with a very clear objective: to offer our clients a place where we would like to stay.

We would like each person who passes by the Hotel Arbella to feel at home, even better. That they appreciate the same thing that we like so much, the mountain, the snow, the nature and the sport. Anyone who has been in Andorra knows the deep love that Andorrans feel for their land. If we manage to contribute something to this feeling, we will be happy.

Although we still have a lot to do, we hope to improve little by little and make our home a place you want to escape whenever you can.

We hope you like it!

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Mountain hotel

The Hotel Arbella is a mountain hotel. We have tried to use natural and simple materials such as wood and iron. We are very clear that almost always "less is more". That is why we want to offer you a minimalist, casual and totally cozy atmosphere. We have spaces with personality character, different from what we are used to seeing in Andorra.

Our hotel is located in the Parish of Ordino, one of the most beautiful areas of the Principality of Andorra. The town of Ordino is considered by many to be the only one that has managed to preserve and respect the natural environment, maintaining its charm over the years. The old town, formed by small stone houses and slate roofs, is still the living essence of what Andorra was more than a century ago.

The Ordino Valley

It has a large number of museums, churches and Romanesque chapels worth visiting. For the more adventurous, Ordino also has one of the best ski slopes in the Principality, where you can perform various sports, both winter and summer.

We hope to help you have a wonderful stay and enjoy the environment as much as we do.