Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord, one of the toughest races you can do in Andorra. It is a mountain race, over time it has had good acceptance at the international level, being a must for the most addicted to sports and the mountain.

The toughest test is the Euphoria of the summits, an overcoming challenge of 233 km.


What are the tests in Andorra Ultra Trail?


There are different tests in Andorra Ultra Trail:



Race of 233 km with 20,000 m of altitude, in positive and negative.

Ronda dels Cims

It is a 170 km race with a difference of 13,500 m in positive and negative.


In this test they are 112 km with a difference of 9,700 m in positive and negative.


83 Km with a drop of 5,000 m.

Marató dels Cims

A route of about 42 km and a height of 3,000 meters in positive and negative.


This test is a popular march, it is very accessible. If you like the mountain you enjoy, with a difference of 750 m in positive and negative.


This march is apt for all levels, including the smallest ones. It is 2.5 km with a slope of 50 m positive and negative.


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The next races will be from July 7 to 12, 2020.


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